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Data protection whilst working from home: What you need to know

The start of the Covid-19 pandemic saw the majority of us working from home, and whilst some have returned to the office, many are continuing to work from home. Working from home comes with many benefits. It has enabled people to have a more flexible work-life balance and businesses have recognised this, with many choosing to adopt a hybrid approach going forward. However, there are risks to keep in mind when maintaining privacy and data protection while working at home. When it comes to protecting your information, you need to do more than lock down your computer. By following these tips for data protection, you can ensure that your personal information is safe and secure no matter where you work.

Set up a secure Wi-Fi network.

When you are working from home, your number one vulnerability is usually your internet connection. You need to be aware of what’s happening on your network, and how you access the internet as well. We can set up a new network that is safe and secure from external threats, or enhance your current network to ensure it has robust safeguards to protect your network and data.

Keep an eye out for devices that do not belong on your network.

An increasingly common risk when working from home is that you might not be able to monitor your home network as closely as you would when in the office. Leaving work devices on a home network with reduced security facilities could allow malicious users to access critical files if they were to gain control of your network. It is important to maintain awareness of your network and any devices that might not belong.

Use a VPN when connecting to Wi-Fi networks.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a highly valuable tool when working from home and it will help improve your online security and privacy. Home users can maintain security by keeping it on-site, where security is most robust. This becomes achievable with a VPN, as staff can then connect to on-site systems and access data from the company network. Using a VPN when accessing your employers’ network from home will also secure and encrypt the connection, protecting your passwords and all work data accessed remotely.

Install anti-virus software on all devices.

The greatest threat to your personal information doesn’t come from your network or the Wi-Fi connection. It comes from the devices that you use to connect to the internet. If you’re at home, make sure you have antivirus software installed on all your devices. This includes laptops, smartphones, tablets, and anything else with an internet connection. You can also install firewalls where possible for additional protection. We have partnered with leading anti-virus providers Vipre and ESET to ensure that your devices benefit from the best cybersecurity available, giving you peace of mind that your devices are safe and secure.

Above are just some of our tips for data protection whilst working from home. We want your business and organisation to be the best they can be and operate at their optimum level, no matter where. If you require assistance in making sure you and your team are fully prepared to work from home, we’re here to help.

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