Remote Working

Remote working has become the norm for millions of people across the UK and the way that business and organisations work has changed forever. With this in mind, it’s vital you, your staff and your business are prepared with the correct equipment and software to enable you to work remotely without compromising on your productivity.

If you require your staff to work from home then it’s critical that they have everything they need to carry out their role seamlessly. Effective IT solutions play a key role in helping staff achieve this and enabling your business to thrive, even if the office is empty.

Our team here at Upland Services Ltd can ensure your team have access to the correct equipment and software that will enable them to work from anywhere thanks to our range of services including:

  • Microsoft Teams setup
  • Telephone system diversion 
  • Cybersecurity installation and monitoring
  • VPN setup
  • VoIP system setup
  • Virtual desktop setup
  • Mobile device setup
  • Remote IT support

Remote Working Solutions 

Protecting sensitive business information on your devices has always been an important consideration, however, security takes on additional importance when working remotely.

Unsecured networks, a lack of encryption and many more threats can pose a danger to important information stored on devices that are used to work remotely.

We have partnered with leading antivirus providers Vipre to ensure that your devices benefit from the best cybersecurity available, giving you peace of mind that your devices are safe and secure.

Set up for remote working success

We want your business and organisation to be the best they can be and operate at their optimum level. If you require assistance to make sure you and your team are fully prepared to work from home or remotely we’re here to help.

Please call 01298 74780 to discuss your requirements with our team.