Server monitoring and backup solutions

Having reliable servers is integral to your business maintaining its success and vital if you have an IT system in place or an online presence, which is why we provide a robust server monitoring and back up service to our clients and customers.

We take the headache out of server monitoring and ensuring your servers are backed up by utilising the latest software, technologies and techniques to ensure minimal downtime and ensure your systems are protected and maintained.

Our server monitoring services include:

  • 24 hour server monitoring to give you complete peace of mind
  • High memory usage reports, enabling you to streamline your server usage and address any memory issues quickly
  • Constant monitoring of backups to ensure they have been carried out correctly
  • Proactive support – we identify issues at the point they occur and present solutions to customers before they are even aware of any problems.

Backup monitoring software 

We pride ourselves on offering a proactive server monitor and backup service.

Our team and the technology they deploy ensures our client’s servers and backups are continuously monitored and analysed, allowing us to ensure that all systems are kept up to date and that any threats are detected and dealt with quickly and efficiently, minimising the threat to your network and business, even outside of regular office hours.

Our team also ensure that all important and critical updates are pushed to your servers when they become available, day or night, helping your network to remain as secure as possible as soon as new solutions and software become available.

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If you would like to set up or upgrade your server monitoring and backup system or would like advice on how you can improve in these areas, our IT experts are here to assist you.

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