Microsoft 365/Office 365 backup

Microsoft 365 and Office 365 have become synonymous with both educational organisations and business alike. 

Whether you operate a small, medium or large business, it’s essential that your staff have access to software that is reliable and designed for their specific roles.

Applications such as the latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and more are vital to ensure your teams can operate at their best.

Cloud storage and Office 365 backup

E-Mail and cloud storage also plays a key role within a business or organisation and 365 includes centralised collaboration by allowing users to share mailboxes, calendars and contacts with Microsoft Exchange, share documents with OneDrive and Sharepoint in secure cloud storage.

It also provides businesses with improved communication with services such as Skype and Microsoft Teams, allowing you to schedule online meetings with anyone anywhere. 

Upland Systems Ltd is a Microsoft authorised reseller, meaning we can offer all 365 business plans on a monthly contract enabling you to spread the cost. We also offer the option to increase or decrease licence quantities each month depending on staff numbers.

Let’s work together

If you would like to purchase a 365 plan or have an enquiry as to how you could make better use of the programmes that are available with Office 365, our team will be happy to help.

As an official Microsoft partner, we work with their software on a daily basis and our certified partner status gives our clients the peace of mind that we are experts in this area.

Both businesses and educational organisations have benefitted from our team’s expertise across the North West including Buxton, Macclesfield, High Peak, Derbyshire and the wider North West.

If you’re considering Office 365 or Microsoft 365 contact our team today to discuss our solutions. Call us today on 01298 74780.