Synology NAS

With the rising costs of Windows servers, many small-medium sized businesses have been looking for alternatives, which has led to our team at Upland Systems providing our clients with access to an award-winning one in the Synology NAS. 

Since 2017 we have already fitted around 50 units for numerous customers across the North West of all sizes with wide-ranging requirements.

Why choose a Synology NAS?

Network Added Storage which is commonly known as NAS, essentially acts as a computer, server and external hard drive all rolled into one. 

A Synology NAS provides a host of benefits and invaluable functionality for businesses including:

  • Centralising and storing data
  • Hosting sites and email address
  • Backing up workstations and files
  • Allowing inter-team collaboration
  • Sharing files
  • Syncing files between multiple devices
  • Video surveillance and storage
  • Acting as a media centre

If you are looking for a complete solution to store, encrypt and backup data, along with managing users, a Synology is the perfect cost-effective solution. 

A Synology solution also allows easy and secure access to files from mobile devices when away from the office, making it essential as remote working becomes more prevalent. 

Let’s work together

Due to the increase in demand for this solution, our engineers have gained excellent knowledge of the Synology product line meaning your business is in safe hands.

If you would like to explore how Synology NAS could benefit your business or to discuss your current setup and how it differs to the feature rich solutions that a Synology NAS can provide we will be happy to help.

Our team are accredited IT professionals that have assisted businesses to upgrade and enhance their IT systems for over two decades.

We work with our clients to ensure they have the best systems and software in place to help their business thrive.

If that sounds good, let’s work together. Contact us today by calling 01298 74780.