Computer repairs & maintenance

At Upland Systems Ltd, we pride ourselves on offering a complete suite of services to ensure your computer remains in the best possible condition, including PC repairs and maintenance carried out in Buxton and the wider area. 

We can also ensure you benefit from the latest computer technologies by offering our customers and client a computer upgrade service in addition to maintenance services.

Same day PC repair and upgrade service

Depending on the issue you are having with your PC or laptop, we can ensure you and your equipment experience minimal downtime thanks to our same-day PC repair and upgrade service in Buxton and the wider area. Our team ensure we hold a healthy level of stock of key upgrade and repair components to ensure we can upgrade your system or repair it as quick as possible and have you back up and running in no time.

Our dedicated team of IT professionals are experts in their field and ensure each client and customer receives the highest quality level of service for a price that is cost-effective.

Computer upgrades  

Before upgrading your computer system we will listen to your requirements before making our recommendations, ensuring all your needs will be met by the new components.

In addition to upgrading the hardware of your desktop computer or laptop we are also able to upgrade the software that it runs on. We are also able to ensure that every unit within a business is upgraded to the same high standard.

Why use Upland Systems to upgrade your PC or laptop?

There are many reasons why you should ensure your computer is reviewed by one of our experts including:

  • Each computer is inspected by one of our IT specialists
  • We can often offer a same-day repair and upgrade service
  • Improve your system’s security
  • Keep your hardware operating correctly
  • Increase productivity with faster computers and more suitable equipment
  • Install the latest software to improve workflow with the latest software
  • Reduce downtime in the event of a computer malfunction

To repair your PC, laptop or other computer system contact our team today by calling 01298 74780