escalla partnership

Our Escalla Apprenticeship Partnership

We are proud to be partnered with Escalla Apprenticeships. Escalla are specialists in Digital and IT Apprenticeships in London, Crewe, Cheshire, the North West and across England. They work hard to pair job seekers with level 3 and 4 apprenticeships where they will build the foundations for long lasting, successful careers. 

Why have we chosen Escalla? 

We have chosen to work with Escalla because they look after the best interests of ourselves and our future apprentice. They are a nationally approved (RoATP) apprenticeship training provider with over 25 years experience, they have worked with many successful companies across the UK meaning they can guarantee their apprentices a fantastic start to their careers.

Escalla is rated good by Ofsted and they also achieved outstanding for their apprentice’s personal development, behaviour and welfare. They work hard to ensure that they are choosing the right programme for everyone involved and they prioritise positive learning experiences. 

One of the most significant reasons that we have chosen to partner with Escalla is because we share the same values. At Upland Systems, we believe in people, It’s as simple as that. We want to help to grow the next generation of talented employees in the IT industry and the best way for us to do that is by supporting apprentices and their long-term development.

What we are looking for

We are currently looking to hire an IT Support Engineer Apprentice to join our team and grow with our already expanding business. The main role of our apprentice will be to provide a high level of IT support to our customers including:

  • Troubleshooting, resolving issues and answering questions
  • Visiting premises around the area to resolve IT issues
  • Providing Office 365 support
  • Working through remote network connections to equipment on customers’ premises
  • Resolving both hardware and software issues
  • Resolving server issues
  • Providing backup systems
  • Dealing with cabling issues

The chosen applicant will receive their training in block periods at the Escalla Academy in Crewe and training will last between 1-2 years, we will then support our apprentice to use their knowledge in a practical environment. Our partnership aims to add fresh enthusiasm to our company and ultimately gain a highly skilled IT Support Engineer. 

How will our apprentice benefit from our partnership?

Our future apprentice will benefit from our partnership with Escalla in a number of ways. Escalla stands out from other providers because they focus on high quality training and a positive learning experience. Our apprentice will benefit from small class sizes meaning they will get the individual attention they need. Some other features of an Escalla Apprenticeship include:

  • Regular contact with mentors, 
  • Integrated life-skills, 
  • A friendly environment with a ‘family feel’
  • Over 25 years delivering training
  • Good Ofsted ratings
  • Nationally approved provider 
  • Learner rate satisfaction of 92%
  • 87.6% continued employment rate 

For more information about our level 4, IT Support Engineer Apprenticeship role, click here.